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I am, Michael Wayne Dill, a singer/songwriter/independent artist from the heart of Virginia, USA... I can write all genres of music but personally favor country music the most! My music will definitely sound like a mix of 80's on through today! I am a huge fan of 80's Rock and 90's Country music... so a lot of influential sounds will become evident in my songwriting! Thanks so much for listening and your support is greatly appreciated!


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Michael Wayne (Indie Country Artist)

Michael Wayne currently lives in the heart of Virginia! He is a singer/songwriter/artist originally born in Dickson, Tennessee in July of 1969... His father moved the family to Lynchburg, Virginia in December of 1983... He has a wife, 2 boys, 3 girls, and 3 grandchildren... His music is a nice blend of  80's & 90's rock/country mixed with today's newer sounding country music! Enjoy your visit! 


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